Piano Service

full  service


 Our services include:


 • Piano tuning & repair
• String replacement & full restringing      
• Action reconditioning
• Keytops & Ivories restoration/replacement      
​ • Pin-block & soundboard repair/replacement
 • Hammer & Damper replacement
 • Voicing
 • Regulating


• Open & Closed pore finish   
 • Natural Stain & Ebony finish  
• Satin & High Gloss finish 
Remember that each piano is a unique instrument and each project holds its own particulars which can affect any estimate. This fact holds true especially in rebuilding and refinishing. For this reason a personal evaluation is critical in assessing an objective and fair price quote.


Rebuilding involves the replacement of  piano strings, dampers hammers, felts and tuning pins. We also remove the old pinblock, drill and custom- fit a new one.  The bridge, soundboard and plate are repaired and refinished.