A.B. Chase 1923

A.B. Chase 5' 6"  Easy to play, beautiful tone and cabinet. Thoroughly serviced: Action, soundboard, cabinet, tuned, etc.  Outstanding instrument!  You will love it.

$2,995.00 dollars 


Wurlitzer Grand 1941

 This baby grand has a beautiful appearance, touch and tone. At 4'9" it will fit in a small  room or fill a large room with beautiful music. This piano will be a wonderful addition to your home.  

$2,995 dollars



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Pianos for Sale

Looking to buy a high quality used piano? Pianos for sale at a piano dealer may be over priced and buying a used piano from

a private seller means no warranty or inspection. Purchasing a used piano from G.Mel Studios offers the best of both worlds -

reasonable  prices and a warranty! Each piano has been chosen and inspected by myself, a certified piano tuner and technician.

Contact us at: 540-589-1685 or gary@gmelstudios.com Thanks!

Jacobs Bros. Spinet

Great little piano! Plays well, tuned cleaned and ready to go!

$650.00 dollars


Yamaha U1

All of our Yamaha pianos are in mint condition

$4,500.00 dollars